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Are Anti-depressants addictive?

No antidepressants are not addictive and they do not stop working (tolerance), we however advise patients never to stop medication suddenly.

I don't want my family member to be drowsy or look drugged?
This is an old stereotype that a patient with mental illness is given sedative drugs, there may be times when sedation may be helpful like when patient is agitated due to mania, psychosis but otherwise most of the antidepressants do not cause any sedation/drowsiness.
How long do I need to take medication for?
The duration largely depends on how long you have had the illness for along with number of times you have been unwell. The general advise is between 6 to 12 months, this reduces the chance of relapse (disease coming back).
Will the illness ever go away?
Again the answer is depends what brought the illness and how many times you have been ill before. Some illnesses will definitely go away but some need long term management just like other physical illnesses like Diabetes and Thyroid problems which also never go away.


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